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Magazine article The Canadian Music Educator

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Music Education Survey

I suggest that all music teachers re-read the Survey on Music Canadian Education that was completed last year (2010). More importantly I encourage folks to do some follow up, no matter how small. For starters, let our school board and superintendents see this executive summary.

There is an executive summary of this report at the Coalition web site.


"We" are receiving an Honourary Doctorate at University of Victoria this November. I am saying "we" because even though my name may be written on the Certificate, I want to honour all those music educators across this land who advocate for a good music program and arts education for your students.

I humbly accept and share this award with you as my community. It is beneficial in this way that in the courts of university power the spotlight will be on music and arts education.

Furthermore, it was an inspired and qualified music educator who inspired this writer to commit to music education for life. From Grade 9 on that is what I wanted to be, in music, even though I never felt good enough, as a musician or teacher - ever - I just had to persevere.

So the images of you inspired and dedicated music and arts ed folks out there will be in my mind and soul when I stand on the UVic stage to accept this award. I mean that. Music itself for me is so much about spirit and community, both of which are nourished and fostered by the arts at all levels.

When we stand in our classrooms and teach our kids, we are giving them a huge gift that will serve them all their lives. They may not know or acknowledge that, right away, but it is true.

More than ever a sound and spirit-filled music and arts programme is needed to counteract the fragmentation that is so prevalent in our society, especially with many of the young who are text messaging themselves into oblivion.

Please do not misunderstand. I am not totally down on the Internet and its related technology. Current studies encourage us to help our students to re-balance our body and mind, to develop authentic relationships, and to foster real communities. It is a function of discernment.

Coalition for music Education in Canada

We welcome Holly Nimmons who has taken over from Ingrid Whyte as the Executive Director of the Coalition. Before Holly came Ingrid who is still working for music education in a different milieu. …

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