Magazine article National Association of School Psychologists. Communique

Professional Development for Graduate Students and School Psychologists Interested in Faculty Careers

Magazine article National Association of School Psychologists. Communique

Professional Development for Graduate Students and School Psychologists Interested in Faculty Careers

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A career as faculty is a rewarding and dynamic endeavor that provides ongoing opportunities to contribute to training of future professionals and research in school psychology. Unfortunately, just as there has been a persistent shortage of school psychologists entering school-based practice (Charvat, 2008), there is a concomitant nationwide dearth of prospective school psychology faculty for graduate training programs (Clopton & Haselhuhn, 2009). This shortage of trainers has critical implications for the preparation of future practitioners and, by extension, the delivery of comprehensive school-based psychoeducational services. Unfilled faculty positions are common, and there is concern that ensuring the professional workforce will depend more on recruitment of future faculty than on that of future practitioners (Canter, 2006). As such, providing professional development for potential faculty- both students and current practitioners - is an important facet of recruiting new trainers. School psychology students and practitioners rarely engage in formal training or mentoring that explicitly addresses the roles of faculty (e.g., teaching, service, mentoring the research of others) or strategies for success in academia Further, most new faculty members have limited training and professional development in these areas.

In recognition of the dearth of professional development opportunities specific to future school psychology faculty, a series of sessions at this year's NASP annual convention will provide the opportunity for graduate students and school psychologists to learn more about academic careers in school psychology. These sessions are intended to provide multiple perspectives on the various aspects of preparing for, entering, and thriving in careers as school psychology faculty. Sessions will be conducted in panel format with ample time for questions and discussion with participants. Resources for ongoing professional learning in this domain will be identified. The presenters in this series represent scholars at various stages of their academic careers, from a range of institutions and school psychology programs. Each will provide insight into the topics described below.

SY013 Straight Talk About Faculty Careers: Perspectives and Advice From Trainers

Bryn Harris, University of Colorado Denver; Jocelyn Newton, University of Wisconsin - La Cross; Julia Ogg, University of South Florida; David Shriberg, Loyola University Chicago; Amanda Sullivan, University of Minnesota

This symposium will provide perspectives and insights from five early and midcareer faculty on the different aspects of faculty careers - i.e., research, teaching, and service - with an emphasis on how graduate students can best prepare to be competitive candidates when entering the field.

SSos Graduate Education Workgroup Special Session - Hitting the Ground Running: Maximizing Your First Years in Academia

Amanda Sullivan, University of Minnesota; Bryn Harris, University of Colorado Denver; Judith Kaufman, Fairleigh Dickinson University; Sarah Valley-Gray, Nova Southeastern University

This session will provide an overview of the challenges faced by individuals beginning their academic careers in different types of school psychology programs and universities. The speakers will provide insights about successfully navigating one's first years in the field in order to maximize productivity, and will provide insight for those considering entering faculty positions immediately after graduate school or after a career as a practicing school psychologist.

PA092 Landing an Academic Job: A Primer for Aspiring Trainers

Sherrie Proctor, Queens College CUNY; Nathan Clemens, Texas A&M; Amanda Sullivan, University of Minnesota The hiring process for faculty positions is generally very different from the typical job. This session will describe the job application process from the perspective of both the applicant and search committee (i. …

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