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The Globalization of Ecommerce in 2012'

For many companies, however, the globalization process is still just beginning. Aside from a handful of companies that operate eCommerce sites around the world, few companies have a truly global online footprint. The growing number of US- and European-based companies that ship internationally will see revenues increase from these markets, but will start to hit a language ceiling: Close to two-thirds of online consumers in both France and Germany, for example, agreed with the statement, "I only shop from websites in my native language." In the UK, the percentage is close to three-quarters.

2012 will not be the year that eCommerce organizations blanket the globe with localized offerì ? gs-they will, however, continue stepping into international waters.

-Posted by Zia Danieli Wigder, principal analyst and research director, Forrester Research, Inc., at on Dec. 22, 2011.

Obama ... [Will] Veto SOPA ...'

Unless there's a really big shift in sentiment among members of Congress on both sides of the ideological aisle, some version of the Stop Online Piracy Act is going to be passed by Congress sometime in 2012.

That means the legislation is going to wind up on President Ba rack Obama's desk, requiring his signature, which would make it law; or his veto, which would effectively kill it. That makes it pretty much the first significant bit of technology policy he will face in the new year.

What's not entirely clear is which way Obama is likely to decide. So far, the administration hasn't sent any signals, one way or the other, on either SOPA or its companion bill in the Senate, the Protect IP Act (PIPA). …

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