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Magazine article Public Finance

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NHS bill fears

Competition is fine so long as there is a level playing field (? clean bill of health?', October). That cannot be so if private sector care relies on the NHS for emergency back up following an unexpected clinical emergency.

Cherry picking will damage the core of NHS services, which also provides a training ground for junior doctors and nurses. Where will that experience be gained if services transfer?


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Despite people spending so much of their time collecting patient information, the root cause of all the damage we do to people and the costs we incur is that we know little about them.

From what I have seen the fascination with competition in public services will do little or nothing to address our lack of understanding of people.

More likely, in the misguided belief that contracts can be specified, commissioners will simply lock in waste, which the taxpayer will be saddled with for years.


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Life needs luck and good care

I would not wish to discourage John Thornton in his attempt to convey the idea of regular servicing and care of the human body to maintain it ('Stopping the clock', October).

I am 82 today and am waiting for the carer to arrive and attend to my wife. Experience leads me to ask how can you prevent the need for a hip replacement arising from wear and tear or deal with a double hernia? What can you do about dementia and heart by-passes? How can you in advance prepare for life's accidents or the medical problems that come with old age?


Former finance director, Broxtowe council

Plan B praise

At last an insightful clear-talking Plan B that cuts through the politics (? man with a plan B', October). Are any decision makers listening?


(Comment on publicfinance. …

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