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Could the future of project management platforms be found in the cloud?

Ron Young Jr., PMP, comments:

Cloud computing increases the risk profite for today's megaprojects. Rapid access to data and information is paramount for making key decisions, analytics and reporting. Relying on remote platforms (and potentially wireless networks if in a remote location) creates additional risks. It is best to maintain project controls systems locally with the project team.

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Are You a Project Driver or Enabler? asks Dmitri Ivanenko, PMP, in a blog post:

A driver is someone who takes on the responsibility and accountability for the project deliverables. Enablers act as complements to the driver.

Jeff Lee responds:

I have found myself in both roles, but can honestly be classified as an enabler. Teams where I was the driver felt more like being in the military, telling everyone what to do. As an enabler, we are working together, and my excitement level with regards to the project is higher and experienced by the other team members.

I am a team/people-oriented person, so the enabler role comes naturally. I believe a project succeeds or fails as a team, not because of one person. When project managers are enablers, they are more in touch with the team dynamics and human factors as well as the project requirements. I am not one to toot my own horn, but I can speak from the feedback I have received that teams tend to run more efficiently and are more motivated when the project manager is an enabler. …

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