Magazine article Times Higher Education

Grant Winners

Magazine article Times Higher Education

Grant Winners

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Award winners: Daniel Kroening, Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh and Sonia Waharte

Institutions: Universities of Oxford and Bedfordshire

Value: Pounds 650,000

New foundational structures for engineering verified multi-unmanned aerial vehicles


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Clinician Scientist Fellowships

Renewal of award

Award winner: Sandra Van Schaeybroeck

Institution: Queen's University Belfast

Value: Pounds 688,000

Evaluation of ADAM17 as a novel drug target and potential biomarker in colorectal cancer

New awards

Award winner: Gerhardt Attard

Institution: Institute of Cancer Research

Value: Pounds 615,000

Identifying novel biomarker therapeutic strategies for castration- resistant prostate cancer

Award winner: Michelle Lockley

Institution: Queen Mary, University of London

Value: Pounds 852,000

Inflammatory cytokines and oncolytic adenoviruses in ovarian cancer

Award winner: Nora Pashayan

Institution: University College London

Value: Pounds 542,000

Polygenic susceptibility to prostate cancer and implications on personalised screening


Major Research Fellowships

Award winner: Sarah Brown

Institution: University of Sheffield

Value: Pounds 101,130

Household finances, intergenerational attitudes and social interaction

Award winner: Kate Cooper

Institution: University of Manchester

Value: Pounds 152,920

The early Christian martyr acts: a new approach to ancient heroes of resistance

Award winner: Philip Cowley

Institution: University of Nottingham

Value: Pounds 152,072

Home style, British style: representation at the grass roots

Award winner: Stephen Daniels

Institution: University of Nottingham

Value: Pounds 156,293

"Map-work": John Britton and the topographical imagination (1790-1850)

Research Project Grants

Applied sciences

Award winner: Darren Crook

Institution: University of Hertfordshire

Value: Pounds 109,067

An investigation into the sustainability of Suranga technology in south Karnataka and north Kerala states of India

Award winner: Guy Schumann

Institution: University of Bristol

Value: Pounds 137,915

Understanding the hydrodynamics of the Congo


Major Research Fellowship

Award winner: Christopher Young

Institution: University of Cambridge

Value: Pounds 115,218

German sport c. …

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