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Zombie 108

Magazine article Screen International

Zombie 108

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Dir/scr: Joe Chien. China. 2012. 87mins

Billed as 'the first genre movie combining apocalypse and zombie in Chinese film history', the freewheelingly clumsy Zombie 108 may well deliver the expected blood and gore to keep horror fans happy, but it staggers and collapses when it comes to adding story or dialogue to this most over-exposed of horror genres.

The zombie mayhem is nicely staged in sections.

What the promotional material fails to mention is that the film even gets a little bored with its traditional shambling zombies vs. humanity plot, and decides to spice up the action with a little martial arts action, parkour tumbles and even a torture-porn subplot. And all in under 90 minutes.

The zombie mayhem is nicely staged in sections - and has a few choice moments of humour, some of them inadvertent - though the whole torture porn sequences may well cause classification issues in some territories. The film has DVD release written all over it, and with a nice trailer and internet interest already out there it has a certain ready-made profile to fans of the genre. The film had a packed Filmart screening in Hong Kong and will no doubt find interested buyers and horror festivals.

A virus had leaked in Taipei and the government orders army and SWAT teams to oversee evacuation, but in Ximending, the downtown area of Taipei defined by dens of crime and sleaze the local gangs don't take kindly to the police at their door. Initially they attack the SWAT teams, but when both gangsters and cop find themselves under attack by flesh-munching fiends there is an uneasy alliance as they try and escape. …

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