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Magazine article The Spectator


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Sinking feelings Some conspiracy theories on the sinking of the Titanic:

The disaster was planned by a bunch of Jesuits, Captain Smith of the Titanic included, intent on bumping off Benjamin Guggenheim, Isa Strauss and Jacob Astor, who opposed the establishment of the US Federal Reserve and therefore impeded Jesuit efforts to control the global economy.

- The ship that sank was really the Olympic, which had been damaged in a collision with a naval ship. When the Navy refused to pay compensation, the White Star Line scuttled it in an insurance scam.

- The ship was sunk by the curse of Amenra, an Egyptian high priestess whose mummy was supposedly on board.

- It was torpedoed by the German navy, to test the effectiveness of its new U-boats in preparation for the first world war.

Filling up the jam jar Motorists panicked to stock up on petrol before a proposed fuel-tanker drivers' strike. How far will a Ford Focus 1.6 travel on various hoarded quantities of petrol?

Jam jar 3 . 5 m i l e s

Wine bottle 8 m i l e s

Standard five-litre petrol can 5 2 m i l e s

20-litre jerry can, as recommended by Francis Maude 2 1 0 m i l e s

Bath tub 1,440 miles

The big snoop The government announced plans to give police and security services the power to monitor all our online activities. …

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