Magazine article The World Today

'I've Been Separated from My Bags Too Often'

Magazine article The World Today

'I've Been Separated from My Bags Too Often'

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Claire Spencer, head of the Middle East and North African programme at Chatham House

How many days did you spend travelling last year?

About 90 days, in three or four-day trips. There's no alternative if you need to get the feel of a place.

Name your favourite/least favourite airport - and why?

Bitter experience has taught me to be very careful changing planes at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport. I have been separated from my bags too often. If I have only an hour in transit, I have learnt just to take a carry-on bag.

Name five items essential for any journeyI have an iPad and a laptop, but I cling to my diary. It never lets me down. I take my mobile, but I don't answer it abroad. It's too confusing to be asked by a journalist to comment on Saudi Arabia when I'm in Morocco. I respond to texts. Otherwise, a comb.

Any advice on getting round the "no liquids" rule at airport terminals?

I thought I had a good wheeze. I bought some sun cream airside at Heathrow, which is permitted. But when I got to Charles de Gaulle the security people refused to let me take it on the plane. So my advice is banal: the night before flying I spoon face cream into tiny pots.

Do you sleep on planes?

With a blow-up neck cushion and an eye mask I can sleep from take-off. If I'm not tired, I like to talk to people, and the most interesting ones are in economy.

Any tips for getting exercise on long-haul flights?

If I'm not sleeping, I fidget. Does that count?

What kind of clothing do you wear when travelling? Business, smart casual or relaxed traveller? …

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