Magazine article The American Organist

American Guild of Organists 2012 National Election

Magazine article The American Organist

American Guild of Organists 2012 National Election

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THE ELECTION of National Officers, National Councillors, and Councillors for the Regions to serve on the National Council of the American Guild of Organists for the period July 1, 2012, through June 30, 2014, will take place throughout the month of April. All regular, special, student, partner, and independent members are eligible to vote and are encouraged to do so.

Voting can be completed by online ballot or by mail. To keep costs to a minimum and improve efficiency, each active voting member of the Guild is encouraged to vote electronically by accessing the AGO online ballot on the secure Internet Web site at https://www. AGO/ 2012. Alternatively, votes may be cast using the postcard ballot bound into this issue of TAO. To authenticate the legitimacy of each ballot, voters must provide their membership identification number and last name. The membership identification number can be found immediately above your name on the TAO mailing label. The ballots will be received and counted by an independent professional election management firm, Intelliscan Inc. All ballots must be submitted electronically by April 30 or returned by mail postmarked by April 30.

Results of the election will be announced and the new National Council installed at the Annual Meeting of the American Guild of Organists on July 4, 2012, during the AGO National Convention in Nashville, Term.

If you have questions regarding accessing the balloting site, please email Paul Nentwig, Account Manager for Intelliscan, Inc. at pnentwig @

PLEASE NOTE: This is a secure site and your submitted votes are confidential.


Vote for one in each category. * Indicates incumbent


Casey Cantwell, BMUS

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Organist and Director of Music, Trinity Episcopal Church, Tulsa, OkIa. Artistic Director, Tulsa Boy Singers. Regional Councillor for Region VII (Ì998-2004). Past dean and sub-dean of the Tulsa AGO Chapter. Convention Coordinator for the 2005 Region VII Convention held in Tulsa, Okla.

The AGO has meant much to me in my professional life. Our most important work includes outreach to young organists, raising awareness of the organ among the public, and education of our members. These tasks and others are implemented by a vast number of volunteers, and we prove that by working together we can do even more. Mutual support with a healthy dose of radical inclusion could increase our membership dramatically.

With more human resources we will be able to enhance and increase our work in these areas. As President, I would work to reach the thousands of organists who are not members of the Guild while strengthening our connection with one another. I truly believe that our greatest days are ahead, and I look forward to them with high anticipation and great enthusiasm.

What do you want to do for the Guild?

I want to help the Guild grow in many ways. First of all, we must increase our membership. There are too many organists who are not members and who would benefit from all we have to offer. Second, I would work to make our connections to each other stronger by encouraging greater attendance at conventions, helping chapters to connect, and fostering a spirit of mutual support and inclusiveness. In addition, we need to strengthen our financial position with increases in our endowment funds.

Reflecting upon the Mission Statement, where do you think the Guild should go?

The Guild should go forward with a goal to bring awareness of the organ to a larger segment of the population. We may need to redefine the organ in some peoples' minds - to make it not a stuffy old church instrument but a vibrant, wonderful, living instrument. We can do this by continuing to encourage excellence in performance and by giving chapters the tools they need to reach out. Also, we should encourage members to further their knowledge through our educational programs, by (for example) encouraging chapters to offer programming and events directly related to certification. …

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