Magazine article Psychology Today

Go for the Gold

Magazine article Psychology Today

Go for the Gold

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YOU SHOOT, YOU score! You pump your fists and raise your arms in victory, but what else is going on in your body when you hit the j ackpot or your team makes a winning basket? -Becca Weinstein


If your home team wins the Super Bowl, you'll still have a smile on your face four days later- long after the opponents" frowns have faded. "Fans are pretty resilient when things go wrong," says Marc Jones, a sports psychologist at Staffordshire University. "But when things go really well, they're happy to bask in reflected glory."


Want to kickstart that diet? Second place won't cut it. The feel-good surge of dopamine that floods the brain after a victory also suppresses appetite. Just like a meal, the chemical makes you feel happy and satisfied, says Johns Hopkins neuroscientist David Linden.


The celebratory mood of a victory makes you more likely to reach for your wallet. …

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