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Magazine article Times Educational Supplement

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Will any teachers still be working at 68? I know I am playing into the government's hands, but I will be gone before my 60th birthday. Definitely on a smaller pension, but I would rather remove my eyeballs with a rusty spoon than still be in the classroom at 68. The government knows that the vast majority of teachers are the same - shifting the retirement age to 68 is more about cutting the cost of pensions than anything else.


I will end up working longer than I had planned to, but I'm not working until I'm 67 (as it would be for someone my age). My dad was dead from cancer at 71 and my mum had a massive heart attack at 46 and has had four more since - with that sort of history I'm not risking having no retirement.


Retirement at 68 will cause a lot of damage to children's education, with teachers being used up past their sell-by date and increased cost to the NHS looking after all our mental breakdowns.


I think I'll develop a mysterious illness, become incompetent, but just manage to keep my head above the dismissal parapet until the governors finally agree to a compromise agreement with a hefty payout. …

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