Magazine article American Scientist

National Academy of Engineering Elects 34 Sigma XI Members

Magazine article American Scientist

National Academy of Engineering Elects 34 Sigma XI Members

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Thirty-four Sigma Xi members were among the 66 new members and ten foreign associates elected in February to the National Academy of Engineering.

New Members

Michael I. Baskes (SX 1966), adjunct professor, department of mechanical and aerospace engineering, University of California, San Diego. For contributions to the embedded atom method for predicting the structure and properties of metals and afloys.

Barbara D. Boyan (SX 1987), professor, Price Gilbert Jr. Chair in Tissue Engineering; associate dean for research, College of Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology. For engineering implant technologies for bone and cartilage repair.

Max William Carbon (SX 1944), professor emeritus of nuclear engineering, University of Wisconsin, Madison. For establishing engineering educational programs for nuclear reactor design and safety.

Jared L. Cohon (SX 1988), president and professor of civil and environmental engineering, Carnegie Mellon University. For contributions to environmental systems analysis and national policy and leadership in higher education.

James J. Coleman (SX 1975), Intel Alumni Endowed Chair in Electrical and Computer Engineering, professor of materials science and engineering, and director of the Semiconductor Laser Laboratory, University of Illinois, UrbanaChampaign. For contributions to semiconductor lasers and photonic materials.

Louis Anthony (Tony) Cox Jr. (SX 1985), president, Cox Associates, Denver, Colorado. For applications of operations research and risk analysis to significant national problems.

Supriyo Dotta (SX 201 1), Thomas Duncan Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University. For quantum transport modeling in nanoscale electronic devices.

William P. Delaney (SX 1957), Director's Office Fellow, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Lexington, Massachusetts. For contributions to radar systems for national defense.

Elazer R. Edelman (SX 1979), Thomas D. and Virginia W. Cabot Professor of Health Sciences and Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. For contributions to the design, development, and regulation of local cardiovascular drug delivery and drugeluting stents.

James R. Fienup (SX 1975), Robert E. Hopkins Professor of Optics; professor, University of Rochester. For development and applications of phase retrieval algorithms.

Peter W. Glynn (SX 1984), Thomas W. Fotd Professor and chair, management science and engineering department, Stanford University. For ( contributions to simulation methodology and stochastic modeling.

Steven M. Gorelick (SX 1980), Cyrus F. Tolman Professor, department of environmental earth system science, Stanford University. For optimization techniques and transpon models for groundwater and remediation of contaminated aquifers.

Richard Hogg (SX 1971), professor emeritus of mineral processing and geoenvironmental engineering, Pennsylvania State University. For contributions to the science and engineering of coagulation and fiocculation in particulate systems.

Ray R. Irani (SX 1957), executive chairman, Occidental Petroleum Corp., Los Angeles, California. For leadership in the petrochemical industry and processes for applications of particulate systems.

James W. Jones (SX 1978), distinguished professor, department of agricultural and biological engineering, University of Florida. For contributions to understanding climate change, environmental impacts, and sustainable agricultural systems.

Mujid S. Kazlmi (SX 1971), TEPCO Professor of Nuclear Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. For contributions to technologies for the nuclear fuel cycle and reactor safety.

Richard Wilker Korsmeyer (SX 1982), senior research fellow and head of business development and licensing for pharmaceutical sciences, Pfizer Inc., New London, Connecticut. For contributions to drug delivery formulations and medical devices.

Helmut Krawinkler (SX 1978), John A Blume Professor Emeritus of Engineering, Stanford University. …

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