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Magazine article In These Times


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What's wrong with Warren's picture

With your cover girl heroically posed like candidate Barack Obama, I was hoping to find out more about candidate Elizabeth Warren than her election website has to offer ("The Ascendance of Elizabeth Warren," April). My own inquiries to her campaign office have gone unanswered regarding her positions on Afghanistan, Iraq, Guantánamo, the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, habeas corpus, the assassination of American citizens, unauthorized domestic spying, NAFTA, Iran, etc.

All I learned of Warrens qualifications in your fivepage article is that her father was a janitor and she is a i970S-era feminist. Sounds like the biography of a hawk who is currently the Secretary of State.

Carl Rosenstein

Becket, Mass.

Where have all the good candidates gone?

Where is the Democrat with views similar to Paul on civil liberties, foreign policy and monetary policy, yet is also "good" on gay rights and abortion? ("Ron Paul's Common Sense," April.)

There used to be lots of Democrats with such views. Where have they gone? Why is it now "neocon in favor of abortion and gay rights" versus "neocon against abortion and gay rights"? How did this become our choice?

Jon Alcantara

via Facebook

Ron Paul gets one thing right: the need to stop endless war and reduce our bloated military budget ("Ron Paul's Common Sense," April). But I was disappointed that what I consider a progressive and trustworthy magazine did not mention that Paul has been persuasively accused of anti-Semitism and possibly racism, and advocates a flat tax, which would "flatten" the 99%, particularly the poorest among us. …

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