Magazine article Workforce Management

5 Questions: A Woman's World, Too

Magazine article Workforce Management

5 Questions: A Woman's World, Too

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SELENA REZVANI, author and women's leadership consultant

Working women have made great strides in recent years, but while women make up nearly half of the U.S. workforce, they represent only 3 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs. Selena Rezvani, author of Pushback: How Smart Women Ask--and Stand Up--for What They Want, tells Workforce Management senior writer Rita Pyrillis about why there are so few women in the C-suite and what companies can do about it.

Workforce Management: Why are there so few women in leadership positions?

Selena Rezvani: I think one reason is that workplaces are man-made and have a culture that rewards a male style. I think women self-promote in a different way than men do, and the workplace really rewards those who advocate on their own behalf, who really go after what they want. So part of the problem is the environment we work in.

WM: How do women put themselves forward at work?

Rezvani: Women have an uneasy relationship with power, and negotiation is a form of power. Women are very fearful of how it will look if they push too hard. The best negotiators see the world as very negotiable and up for revision.

WM: What are the strongest skills that women bring to the workplace?

Rezvani: There are a few skills that make women especially apt as leaders today in the global, decentralized and flatter workplace. …

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