Magazine article Journal of Services Research

Employee Satisfaction: A Key Contributor to Data Centers' Organizational Effectiveness

Magazine article Journal of Services Research

Employee Satisfaction: A Key Contributor to Data Centers' Organizational Effectiveness

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Organizations are integral to our existence - we are part of an organization, at personal and professional level. Organizations have a structure, set of processes and people who aim to achieve organizational goals and objectives. Different forms of organizations exist based on different goals and objectives. With the introduction of Information Technology and Internet, organizational forms are taking new perspective. Networked organizations are getting popular. Information technology is extensively being used to e-enable services, which also includes e-services for the government, contributing to various e-Governance initiatives.

All these services require IT infrastructure, which hosts these services and corresponding data. This infrastructure is hosted out of data centers. Data centers are also organizations in themselves. They also have a structure, and have processes and people who manage and operate. Like any other organization, data center organizations also aim for effectiveness. An effective data center is a foundation for effective e-services. Organizational effectiveness is critically important to data center organizations.

Organizational effectiveness studies have been done for variety of domains, but there seems to be very limited information on organizational effectiveness of data centers. Various IT vendors are doing lot of work for improving data center operational excellence, trying to promote their respective products and technologies, but there is very limited vendorneutral involvement from the academia.

Data Centers being a critical component and backbone of IT enabled e-services, it is absolutely essential to arrive at a framework of effectiveness for a Data Center.

This paper is a partial representation of the findings of an empirical study, introducing various measures of data centers' organizational effectiveness, with a specific focus on employee satisfaction as a key measure of organizational effectiveness of data centers. Various factors contributing to data centers' employee satisfaction have also been discussed.


The concept of organizations and management science started in early 1900s in conjunction with the industrial revolution. The concept has changed, grown and evolved over time. It is a dynamic concept and new values are being added to it even today. Theory and practical applications of organizational concepts and organizational effectiveness have evolved over time.

Many models and approaches to organizational effectiveness have been referred in the organizational literature. Organizational effectiveness has been related to organizational characteristics - its structure, processes and people. It has also been related to an organization's ability to transform inputs to desired outputs and to achieve organization's goals and objectives (Gautam & Batra, 2007).

An organization is approached with multiple values and preferences, and multi dimensionality of organizational effectiveness is a result of these multiple values and preferences (Verma & Jain, 2001). Multi factors model (Beer et. al, 1995) relates multiple stakeholder expectations to organizational effectiveness. These stakeholders include customers, shareholders, employees, community and the society.

Various researchers have defined multiple ways to measure organizational effectiveness. Individual researchers have measured the construct using a wide spectrum of definitions, which cannot always be allocated to one or other streams (Upasani, 1978; Mishra, 1982). There is no one best criteria for evaluating effectiveness (Robbins, 1990; Maloney & Federle, 1991). It may be appropriate to use a combination of these variables to study organizational effectiveness of today's organizations. This is also true for the data center organizations.

In spite of all these facts, it is very well established and understood that organizational effectiveness is an important construct, which cannot be ignored, and needs to be researched and studied. …

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