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Magazine article The Spectator


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Yell, which publishes Yellow Pages, is changing its name to Hibu, after seeking 'an identity to tell our story'.

I t prefers to spell hibu with a small h.

I t admits that hibu means nothing (though to me it looks like a mis-spelled F rench owl), but it knows how it is pronounced: high-boo.

I f it were a real word it would certainly be pronounced hee-boo, for reasons too prosaic to find room for here.

Yell is a good enough name.

I n America it is commonly used instead of shout ('Quit yelling at me').

I ts origins are ancient and go back to the same root that gives us the gale in nightingale. Who'd have thought it?

Changing trade names in the hope of prosperity is a fool's errand. The Financial Times noted recently that no positive results followed upon Ofex changing its name to Plus Markets, Debt F ree Direct changing to F airpoint or, more mysteriously Moneybookers, an online payments group, to Skrill, which sounds like a kind of shrill krill. …

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