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Magazine article Times Educational Supplement

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Best ways to clean the whiteboard

Can anyone suggest a successful way of cleaning a whiteboard? Currently, I use a weak solution of washing-up liquid, but this seems to be slowly removing the outer layer of the board, making it more difficult to rub off the ink during the day.


I tend to use baby wipes, but they also seem to leave it not quite shiny enough. Scribbling all over it with a new board marker, then wiping with the board rubber is best.


I found whitening toothpaste to be brilliant at cleaning whiteboards.


Dry paper towel during the day - a slightly damp one at the end of the day. I find that soap leaves a residue and plain water is best.


When the last bird or other flu scare was on, all our classrooms were provided with bottles of liquid hand cleaner. Gets replaced regularly. It is THE BEST thing for cleaning whiteboards.


If it is just a whiteboard and not an interactive one, then I use car de- icer (the pump-spray type). …

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