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Magazine article Psychology Today


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Who's Difficult?

I LOVED HARA EstToff Marano's "The High Art of Handling Problem People" (June 2012). Not only am I going to utilize the article's strategies with my clients, I will also use them with my family members and friends. I've got a lot of difficult people in my life. Thanks for the tips!


Dallas, TX

I WAS DISAPPOINTED by how dismissive and vulgar "The High Art of Handling Problem People" was. There were so many insightful and useful elements that got lost in its attempt to be hip and snarky. I am saddened that you wanted to give people a checklist of indictable conditions they could apply to the annoying people in their own lives and then write those people off. Surely you could write something concerning the same material and the same maladaptive habits and patterns without so relentlessly stigmatizing and dismissing the people involved.


Traverse City, MI

I BOUGHT THE issue on difficult people because I know I can be a handful. But the descriptions of the toxic types was demoralizing. I am one of those people. I became depressed and hopeless, as I have been trying hard for 10 years to change my defects. I have made no progress. I was relieved to see Kaja Perina's Editor's Note, "When You're the Difficult Person." I am an adult child of an alcoholic but that excuse wears thin. I wish the Editor's Note was integrated into the story.


Via email

AS A MEDICAL student currently in a psychology rotation, I deal with a variety of patients. Hara Estroff Marano's article about difficult people was extremely astute in detailing the personality characteristics of different kinds of problem people. I had a patient encounter almost exactly like the one described by Susan Biali, and I had a similar reaction. Thank you for providing helpful insight.


Upland, CA

The Friendly Nonbeliever

THANKS TO FRIENDLY atheist and family man Ross Harvey for reminding me that my beliefs are nonsense in "The Atheist at the Breakfast Table" (June 2012). …

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