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Career Help on the Internet

Magazine article Workforce

Career Help on the Internet

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Know-how for a successful international HR career.

Whether you're an international HR professional working abroad or in the States, you've got a great tool for keeping your career on track: the Internet. From HR listserves to employment Web sites, you can plug into a plethora of helpful information through the Internet to help your global HR career. And many of these tools are the same places you already may be going to recruit candidates. And the best news: It costs no more than a local phone call. So dive in. Here's where you can go and what you can do.

Listserves: Your networking friend. Few HR people can deny the benefits of networking either to find a job or to engage new professional contacts. Although it's impossible to attend every HR conference to make those contacts, on the Internet, you can do the next best thing: Network with other professionals through listserves, which are e-mail-based discussion groups.

There are more than 84,000 e-mail discussion groups in the world; many are specifically related to HR professionals, and some are globally oriented. For a list of groups that pertain to your interests, you can check out these Web sites: Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists ( internet/paml/bysubj.html) or LISZT (

Here are two listserves you might find useful: HRNET, a free forum dealing with the broad range of HR topics. (To subscribe, write to: In the message body, type: subscribe HRNET your name.) Or, GSIG (global special interest group)a resource for global information specialists, related to the International Association for Human Resources Information Management. (To subscribe, write to: Type "subscribe GSIG" in the message.)

Once you've subscribed, you'll get e-mail from people posting messages. And you can do the same. You can float questions, ask for advice and comment on a variety of issues posed on the forum. While many listserves have strict protocols against people posting their resumes, (HRNET does, for instance), you can still network with professionals with whom you might not otherwise be able to meet, especially in regions or countries in which you might want to look for your next job.

"Many thoughtful observations about global HR management have been posted on HRNET, as well as specific, practical tips, advice and guidance," says Kimberlee Luce, an international HR consultant in Cleveland, Ohio, who just returned from working nine years overseas in Southern Asia and the Caribbean. "Also if you post a request for resources, people usually respond with all sorts of ideas."

Adds Laurie Tapozada, an American HR consultant who's now working in Cairo after a four-year stay in Manila: "I don't think my career would have been doable without the Internet and the wealth of information available [including] the opinions of experienced colleagues generously shared on listserves."

Employment Web sites are another helpful place you can go to boost your career.

Web sites that offer global HR help. Perhaps the more wellknown way of using the Internet is visiting the Web sites of companies, organizations or specialinterest groups. Not so wellknown, however, are the ways in which global HR professionals can use these sites for their careers-especially those they may already use for recruitment purposes, like WORKFORCE S www. …

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