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Magazine article Campaigns & Elections

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Don't Snub Radio

Q: In this age of social mediaTwitter, YouTube and Facebook- is there still a value in spending money to run radio ads?

A: Don't be a snob. Old and new media are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they are blending together. According to the Pew Research Center, "For all the changes in technology local AM/FM radio has largely retained its presence in people's lives over the last decade, at least at the most basic level. In 2011, nine out of 10 Americans age 12 or older (93 percent), used or owned an AM/ FM radio, according to Arbitron, a drop of only three percentage points since 2001. This puts AM/FM radio second only to television as the medium most prevalent in people's lives."

Kevin LeGrett, vice president of Clear Channel Media + Entertainment, explains the durability of radio and its new incarnations, noting that radio talks "directly to listeners, and listeners have an emotional connection to their station and its brand." LeGrett counsels radio advertisers to aim for a critical mass "across a spectrum of platforms," including Facebook and social media, which are linked to radio stations and personalities.

Oj Is it okay not to pay our CPA for compliance help?

A: According to the Federal Election Commission, any entity- including corporations, unions and partnershipsmay provide a campaign with free legal and accounting services as long as the services are provided only for the purpose of ensuring the campaign's compliance with federal election law. The entity paying for the service must also be the regular employer of the individual performing the service, the employer cannot hire additional employees to render the services or to free regular employees to perform the service, and the campaign must report the amount paid by the employer, as well as the name of each person performing the service and the date the service was provided. …

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