Magazine article Sunset

July Your Southwest Guide

Magazine article Sunset

July Your Southwest Guide

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To-do list

* Save water by converting lawns to buffalo grass, planted by plug. In higher elevations, choose 'Legacy'; in lower elevations, select 'UC Verde'. SUNSET CLIMATE ZONES 3B, 10-13

* Before monsoon season, dig shallow depressions that catch rainwater runoff from your roof and direct it toward tree roots.

* Plant summer-blooming Crinum bulbs in moist soil where they'll get afternoon shade. ZONES 12-13

* Hand-pollinate squash and melons for more fruit. Use a fine-tipped brush to dab pollen from one flower to another nearby.

* Set out rain lilies ( candida) before monsoon season for late-summer blooms. ZONES 12-13

* Plant torch cactus (Trichocereus hybrids). These tall, slender plants unfurl audaciously large summer flowers in red, peach, and yellow. ZONES 11-13

* Prune back tomatoes by two-thirds to encourage new growth and fruit set. -SCOTT CALHOUN



Get the most from freshly clipped blooms. Remember that the sturdier the stem, the easier the flower will be to work with in an arrangement.

1 | Use sharp shears and always give stems a fresh snip - while holding them under water - just before placing them in a waterfilled vase. …

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