Excelencia in Education Releases Research Highlighting the Institutions Producing Latino Graduates in Health Care Fields

Article excerpt


Excelencia in Education has unveiled a new analysis of the top 25 institutions graduating Latinos in health professions and related programs, along with examples of promising institutional practices. Titled Finding Your Workforce: The Top 25 Institutions Graduating Latinos in Health Professions and Related Programs by Academic Level, the analysis is part of a project to inform recruiters and employers of institutions graduating Latinos in key sectors and encourage them to do more to engage Latinos in their workforce.

Key findings of the analysis show:

* Latinos in the health care workforce are more likely to be in lower-paying support occupations - such as home health aides or nursing aides - than higher-paying practitioner and technical occupations - such as physicians, surgeons or dentists

* In 2009-10, 70 percent of Latinos graduating in health fields and related programs earned certificates or associate degrees

* At the undergraduate level, the top 25 institutions at each academic level conferring certificates or degrees to Latinos in 2009-10 were located in only six states - Texas, Florida, California, Arizona, Illinois, New Mexico - and Puerto Rico

"One-third of the projected fastest-growing occupations are related to health care, and Latinos are projected to account for three-quarters of the growth in America's workforce by 2020," said Sarita Brown, president of Excelencia in Education. …


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