Matthew Bender Announces Release of Authority Patent Law Interactive Drafting System

Article excerpt

Matthew Bender & Company, Inc. has announced the release of the Authority Patent Law Interactive Drafting System (IDS), a document assembly program containing over 380 forms used for filing patent applications and documents with the Patent and Trademark Office (PTO).

Patent IDS automates and integrates PTO-issued forms with the PTO-accepted forms and authoritative analysis of patent expert Lester Horwitz. According to the company, the state-of-the-art HotDocs software platform enables faster document drafting by reducing time spent cutting, pasting, retyping, and proofreading. Duplicate data entry is eliminated, and firm and client information automatically appears in the relevant fields on the selected forms and can be used to complete future forms.

"Not only is there a tremendous time savings and accuracy with predefined forms," said Horwitz, "the checklists, notes, warnings, and analysis deliver an invaluable payback by avoiding missteps and embarrassing situations to explain to clients."

The over 380 forms in Patent IDS include both PTO-issued forms as well as the widely accepted forms drafted by Horwitz, which contain expert analysis, checklists, and drafting guidance in the body of each form. Official Patent Cooperation Treaty forms used for international patent filings are also included.

Patent IDS includes references to primary source and related forms. …


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