Magazine article Parks & Recreation

Product Roundup

Magazine article Parks & Recreation

Product Roundup

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Durable, shock-absorbing playground surface

Unlike sand, wood chips, pea gravel, and other natural playground surface materials that require constant maintenance and replenishment, Surface America's Play-Bound Poured-in-Place rubber/urethane surfacing requires virtually no maintenance and provides a safe, resilient play surface for kids, Mixed and applied on site, the IPEMA-certified product can be easily customized to meet safety and design requirements, and its high-quality materials provide long-term performance, durability and consistent shock absorption. The product is eligible for LEED credits and state grants, and it comes with a 7-10-year warranty, SURFACE AMERICA, 800.999.0555, WWW.SURFACEAMERICA.COM

Wireless PA system

The LoudMouth Wireless PA system by Ritron works with existing two-way base station, or mobile radios to broadcast real-time messages at a range of up to two miles. Ideal for both temporary and permanent needs, including general paging or announcements, weather emergencies, logistical communications, and more, this proven technology is a viable cost-effective solution that requires no trenching or extensive wiring and supports multiple paging zones. The system consists of a one-channel radio receiver, flex antenna, rechargeable emergency backup battery, 110VAC power supply and a separate PA horn/ speaker that attaches to the receiver, RITRON, 800.872.1872, www. RITR0N.COM

Large-diameter umbrella

Available in sizes up to a giant 25-foot diameter and supported by only a single column in the center, the versatile line of shade umbrellas by Shade Solutions are perfect for pools and water parks as they provide a huge amount of cooling shade and protection from the sun's dangerous UV rays. They're engineered for wind speeds up to 90 mph with the canopy on and feature an ingenious release system for easy removal and re-attachment of the fabric canopy in the event of severe storms, SHADE SYSTEMS, 800.609.6066, WWW.SHADESYSTEMSINC.COM

UV-light pool disinfectant

Providing the same results as traditional chlorine treatments but without the side effects, ultraviolet light disinfection systems are gaining popularity in swimming pools nationwide. The SwimLine UV Pool Disinfection System by Aquionics improves water quality by destroying microorganisms as well as chloramines, the harmful byproduct of chlorine disinfection responsible for strong odors, skin and eye irritation, and damage to pool equipment. Powered by technology from aquatics disinfection expert Hanovia, the SwimLine incurs lower capital and operating costs than comparable UV systems. AQUIONICS, 800.925.0440, WWW.AQUI0NICS.COM

Self-contained, off-grid cabins

Wilderness Solutions offers a line of self-contained, off-grid cabins that require no infrastructure beyond a clear spot for the cabin to sit, perfect for a public campground or rental park. The cabins provide their own energy with one-kilowatt photovoltaic solar systems, plus eight 425-amp batteries and a backup fuel cell and/or generator to ensure occupants never lose the creature comforts of home. Freshwater filtration and gray water filtering systems provide ample supplies for cooking, drinking, and bathing, and dry toilets incinerate organic waste to ash. Ten floor plans offer a variety of sizes and design options, ranging from a basic 250-square-foot cabin to a 513-square-foot modular cottage featuring a full kitchen, bath, and living room. All plans offer remote monitoring and security systems for your peace of mind. …

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