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To the Editer:

When Ernest Perez interviewed me for his article, "HTML Indexer Aims to Index the Web" (ONLINE, November/December 2001, p. 52-56), I explained to him that I used the software to create the index for (CRO). I also explained that was moving in the direction of including more dynamically-generated pages. I explained further that HTML Indexer can create indexes to dynamically-generated pages, but that the software is especially suited to creating indexes for static pages. For this reason, I told him, I stopped using HTML Indexer to maintain the site index after May 2001. Thus, it's not correct to say, as he does, that "CU is moving to a purely dynamic page site, which he will not be able to index going forward." This implies that the CRO index will be dropped from the site. HTML Indexer is not presently used to maintain the site index, but it is enormously popular and CU has no plans to remove an index from CRO.

Bob Huerster

Senior Research Librarian

Consumers Union


Dear Bob:

You are correct that I used the phrase "...which he will not be able to index going forward." I understand your point that the reader might possibly infer that the site would not be indexed. I was writing here in the context of "indexing using HTML Indexer," the software under review.

I made a good-faith effort to paraphrase and include the two items you stressed to me: 1) that CU did not endorse your personal evaluative statements, and 2) that you would not be able to index the new dynamic page format. …

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