Magazine article Multicultural Education

Anti-Bias Curriculum

Magazine article Multicultural Education

Anti-Bias Curriculum

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Derma n-Sparks, Louise and The Anti-Bias Curriculum Taskforce. Anti-Bias Curriculum, 1988. Pacific Oaks, CA: Pacific Oaks Bookstore. 30 minutes, color. $35.

The Anti-Bias Curriculum film is an excellent multicultural education resource for teacher educators, teacher education students, and in-service teachers, especially those in early childhood education (ECE). The film discusses and illustrates a particular approach to multicultural education-an anti-bias approach-with children aged 2 to 5 (a skilled educator could easily adapt this approach for teaching students of any age). The film is particularly powerful because it illustrates practice of the anti-bias approach while it talks about its theoretical foundations.

The anti-bias curricular approach is distinguished from what the film identifies as, unfortunately, the most common multicultural curricular approach-cultural tourism-in that it directly addresses how children develop identity in relationship to race, gender, and disability by exploring how exposure to bias in society impacts their attitudes toward self and others.

The film juxtaposes educators discussing integration of an anti-bias approach with classroom scenes of them demonstrating actualization of this integration. Their discussion teases out six steps toward the development of an anti-bias curriculum (ABC).

These are, for educators to: (1) develop a support group to learn how to build an ABC; (2) develop knowledge in relationship to how children develop identity related to race, gender, and disability; (3) evaluate their attitudes about race, gender, and disability; (4) evaluate their classroom environments for stereotypical, tokenistic, and accurate representations of human diversity; (5) integrate their new ABC knowledge into existing ECE curriculum; and (6) develop plans to include parents in an ABC.

Their demonstrations elucidate three components of ABC best practice. …

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