Magazine article Screen International

Jeremy Thomas Shares His Tricks of the Trade

Magazine article Screen International

Jeremy Thomas Shares His Tricks of the Trade

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The Chairman of Recorded Picture Company and HanWay Flilms is featured Mogul in TIFF's industry events line-up.

As part of the Moguls industry event series underway at TIFF, Jeremy Thomas looked back on four decades in the film production industry in a conversation yesterday with AFI Festival Director Jacqueline Lyanga. The British producer is in Toronto with his new film Kon-Tiki, an epic adventure across the Pacific directed by the Norwegian filmmakers Joachim Roenning and Espen Sandberg.

Known for his production of Bernardo Bertolucci's Oscar-winning The Last Emperor, along with an impressive array of over 50 films, Thomas described his upbringing in the world of cinema in detail. The son of a mainstream director, he admitted that he grew up with privileges that many others didn't have, and recalled playing on the set of Cleopatra as a young boy.

Thomas explained how he was uninterested in school and instead became a runner and director's assistant, eventually working as an editor for Ken Loach. He started his transition into production with Philippe Mora in Mad Dog Morgan - he was meant to help edit and produce the film, but said he never got around to editing since actor Dennis Hopper "needed full-time wrangling".

Since then, Thomas has developed an independent producing style driven by his eclectic taste in films, one that tries to balance "entertainment and profoundness'". Despite the market-centric view of most people in the industry, the producer urged young professionals to follow their own individual preferences. "The market is fickle," he said, "but taste can be sublime".

With his independent choices, Thomas tries to distance himself from popular culture's caricature of the cigar-smoking movie producer. "The word 'producer' engenders an enormous amount of suspicion," he said.

Reflecting on his methods of production, Thomas talked about how he enjoys working with the same directors and established auteurs - indeed, he has repeatedly made films with renowned auteurs such as Bertolucci, David Cronenberg and Wim Wenders. Thomas claimed that collaborating with filmmakers that have a distinct voice is less difficult than working with first-time directors, since the producer's job of trying to imagine what the final product will be like is usually less challenging. …

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