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Gone Fishing

Magazine article Screen International

Gone Fishing

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Dir/scr: Carlos Sorin. Argentina. 2012. 78mins

The road to redemption is marked by friendly encounters and vague, unarticulated regrets in Gone Fishing (Dias de Pesca), a plaintive character study from veteran Bombon: El Perro writer/director Carlos Sorin. The slow-burning tale is as modest and unassuming as it central character. There is a degree of gentle charm in his peregrinations, but the film is too slight and understated to connect with a significant theatrical audience. Further Festival screenings seem a more likely prospect.

Alejandro Awada has an innate warmth that makes Marco a sympathetic characters and someone worthy of our compassion.

Alejandro Awada brings a restrained, sad-eyed soulfulness to his role as Marco Tucci, a man on the road to the coastal areas around Patagonia where his intention is to catch a shark. On the road, he encounters boxing coach Oscar, backpacking youths in a seaside cave, a fisherman and a kindly hotel manager.

He happily surrenders himself to the kindness of strangers. In snatches of conversation, we discover that Marco is a recovering alcoholic and is looking to re-establish contact with Ana (Victoria Almeida), a daughter that he has not seen in a number of years. We subsequently discover he also has a fair talent as an opera singer.

The initial encounter between father and daughter seems amicable enough as Ana introduces him to her husband and the grandson that he has never met. …

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