Magazine article Forced Migration Review

From the Editors

Magazine article Forced Migration Review

From the Editors

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"We cannot see our future," says a young Congolese refugee living in a camp in Malawi. Being displaced involves not just a change of physical location but a dislocation of many aspects of normal life, and young people - in this context we mean those between early teenage and late twenties - may be particularly susceptible to being physically and socially 'out of place' during this period of their lives. Families are divided, social relations are broken, education is disrupted, and access to social spaces and work opportunities can no longer be relied on at a time when young people face important changes.

But life goes on and, whether displaced into a camp or an unfamiliar urban environment or resettled to a new country, young people have to try to find ways to re-create what is lost or to find substitutes for it if they are to become fulfilled, responsible adults. The articles in the theme section of this issue of FMR examine the particular stresses of 'being young and out of place', explore young people's needs and coping strategies, and ask why relatively little attention is paid to the rights and needs of adolescents and young adults.

This issue also includes a number of articles about disparate aspects of forced migration: protracted displacement, refugee-run information services, 'tolerated stay', psychosocial resilience, resettlement of refugees in Argentina, mental health in Lebanese refugee camps, national IDP policies in Afghanistan and Nigeria - and why some issues make it onto the international agenda while others do not.

The full issue is online at:

A 4-sided expanded contents listing, FMR40 Listing, is online at FMR401isting.pdf

We welcome your help in disseminating this issue as widely as possible. Please post links to it, add it to your resources lists, Tweet about it, 'like' our Facebook page and do anything else that will raise awareness of its contents. We encourage you to post online or reproduce FMR articles but please acknowledge the source and provide the original website link.

We would like to thank Cécile Mazzacurati (UNFPA) and Jason Hart (University of Bath) for their invaluable assistance as special advisors on the feature theme of this issue.

We are very grateful to Save the Children, UNICEF and the Norwegian Refugee Council/Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre for their funding support for this issue. …

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