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Magazine article American Cinematographer

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Arri Unveils M90/60 Daylight Fixture

At last month's International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam, Arri unveiled the latest addition to its ArriMax/M-Series of fixtures, the M90/60, which completes the range between 1,200 and 1 8,000 watts. At 9,000 watts - exactly half the wattage of the ArriMax and just over double the wattage of the M40/25 - the M90/60 introduces a new power class for daylight fixtures.

Like all M-Series lamp heads, the M90/60 is equipped with Max Technology, Arri's unique, patented reflector technology that unifies the advantages of a Fresnel and a Par fixture. As a result of being open-faced, the unit is comparable in output to some 12K Pars. The fixture is also focusable from 17-55 degrees by means of a focus knob, and it produces a remarkably even light field and a crisp, clear shadow. The elimination of spread lenses speeds up the workflow on set and reduces the risk of lost production time due to glass breakage.

The M90/60 utilizes a new 9K lamp developed by Osram according to Arri's specifications; the lamp is similar in size to the 6K lamp. Arri designed the M90/60 in a very compact housing, close to the dimensions of the ArriSun 60. Since the accompanying EB 6000/9000 ballast uses the housing of the existing EB6000 and 6K head-to-ballast cables, the entire system is highly efficient.

The new EB 6000/9000 ballast operates on a supply voltage of 100 and 230 volts, and sports Active Line Filter and CCL, which compensates for power losses even in very long head-to-ballast cables. This incredibly small ballast will also be available in a 1,000 Hz version for high-speed shooting with minimized flicker.

The M90/60 fixture and its accompanying EB 6000/9000 ballast are scheduled to be available in spring 2013. For more information, visit

Aadyn Hits with Jab, Eco Series LEDs

Developed, engineered and assembled in the United States, Aadyn Technology's Eco and Jab series LED lights provide singlesource lighting with low power consumption.

The Eco Punch Plus produces more than 4,000 foot candles at 10' while consuming less than 5 amps of power. The Jab Daylight consumes 1 .78 amps of power and outputs 1,864 foot candles at 10'; this unit can also run for 1.5 hours on a single 30-volt DC battery. All Aadyn lights provide an even field of light, adjustable from narrow to medium to wide by means of quick-change lenses.

Aadyn Tech also offers Eco Tungsten and Jab Tungsten LED fixtures, which boast a high CRI of 91+. Additionally, the Jab Variable fixture allows users to adjust color temperature in small increments from 3,000°K to 6,000°K. All Aadyn lights are fitted with universal power supplies that operate from 100 to 277 VAC, and all Aadyn units can be dimmed with no flicker and no change in color temperature; the fixtures can be controlled via DMX, Aadyn's proprietary User Interface or a simple on/off switch.

Aadyn Tech's specialty lights include the Eco Bullet and Jab Bullet; both are designed to be flicker free up to 100,000 fps. The Eco Mega Bullet will operate at speeds up to 1 million fps. Additionally, the Jab Hurricane, scheduled to be released in December, has an outdoor weatherproof rating of IP66.

For additional information, visit

Nila Illuminates SL LED

Nila, Inc. has introduced the SL LED lighting fixture, which is available in either a daylight (6,000°K) or tungsten (3,400°K) configuration. The unit boasts an output comparable to a 2,500-watt HMI or a 6K tungsten fixture while demonstrating low power draw of only 500 watts and a very low operating temperature.

The Nila SL can be used close to the subjects as a soft source, and it is also capable of illuminating subjects up to 400' away; at 40', the light (with no lens) produces 500 foot candles with an 8' spread. …

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