Magazine article Sunset

Candy Grams

Magazine article Sunset

Candy Grams

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Give Valentine's Day sweets a personal touch with hidden messages

What could be more romantic than a handmade valentine? Here are a couple of quick ways to transform everyday storebought candies into distinctive and thoughtful gifts. Your mate will love them because they are unique, and you will love how easy they are to create.

Stamped wafers

Leave a lasting impression on your sweetie by spelling out a message with candy.

1. Buy a package of Necco Wafers then pick out the colors you like. If you're writing only one or two words, you could use just the pink and violet wafers. You'll need the whole pack to form a sentence.

2. Saturate a folded paper towel or sponge with red food coloring, being careful not to get any on your fingers or clothes.

3. Use alphabet stamps (available at craft stores) to ink the letters you desire. Press a letter onto the food coloring, then stamp it on a wafer.

4. Stack the stamped wafers to reveal a special message when they're laid out, then pack them in a tube made of cellophane or parchment (available at craft stores). …

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