Magazine article Screen International

TIDE Experiment Plans Four "Day-and-Date" Releases in 2013

Magazine article Screen International

TIDE Experiment Plans Four "Day-and-Date" Releases in 2013

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France's cinema industry guild L'ARP has joined forces with European sales agents Fandango, Goldcrest, Urban Distribution and WIDE and more than 30 members of Europa Distribution.

The TIDE Experiment, one of three industry consortia to win European Commission (EC) funding earlier this week to support trials of simultaneous multiplatform releases, has revealed details of its project.

"The key objective in 2013 is to release four films in five European territories using day-and-date models, while using integrated traversal marketing tools," the group said in a statement.

TIDE, which stands for Transversal International Distribution in Europe, is coordinated by the powerful French writers, directors and producers guild L'ARP.

Paris-based VOD aggregator Under the Milky Way will guarantee distribution of the four selected titles on platforms such as iTunes and Sony.

Madrid-based digital-focused company The Film Agency will take care of marketing strategies and the Independent Pan-European Digital Association (IPEDA) will monitor the results.

Sales agents

As previously announced, sales agents involved in the project include Italy's Fandango, the UK's Goldcrest and French Urban Distribution, and WIDE Management alongside 30 members of the independent distributors body Europa Distribution, which has pledged domestic distribution for the four selected titles alongside simultaneous digital releases.

The four films will be announced in the coming weeks and launch meetings will be held in December. Each film will have its own "release team", composed of a sales agent, the involved distributors and the TIDE core team.

Legislation hurdles

All four releases will have to navigate the plethora of different media chronology legislation across Europe.

France and Germany have strict media chronology laws. The UK has none but day-and-date releases remain a rarity as many large cinema chains are reluctant to experiment with the format.

L'ARP has been calling for a softening of France's strict media chronology laws for some time. Under current French legislation, a film can only be released via VOD four months after its theatrical release and 36 months after on SVOD services.

Speaking about TIDE, Oscar-winning L'ARP president Michel Hazanavicius told French film trade L'Ecran Total last week: "We'd like to mess around with the media chronology a bit. …

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