Magazine article Islamic Horizons

Live Tweets from the Diversity Forum

Magazine article Islamic Horizons

Live Tweets from the Diversity Forum

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Using the hashtag #isnaDF, online enthusiasts enlightened the Twittersphere with thoughts from the Forum.

I SNA HELD ITS SECOND ANNUAL DIVERSITY FORUM, COsponsored by the Michigan Muslim Community Council (MMCC) June 29-30 at the Islamic Center of North America in Dearborn, Mich. The theme, "Strength Through Diversity," was exemplified as attendees met for the common goal of setting aside nationality, language, and race to develop proactive strategies and programs that promote tolerance within the increasingly diverse Muslim community and its interfaith neighbors.

Highlights from the event included banquet keynote speaker, Sherman Jackson and Imam Zaid Shakir. ISNA President Imam Magid presented CAIR-Michigan Executive Director Dawud Walid with an award, in recognition of his commitment to the harmonious diversity of the community.

Wonder what everyone was saying at the forum? Here is a collection of thoughts and insights from Twitter:


* #isnaDF On Parks 1 controversy, Imam Zaid saying media plays a role in stirring the controversy. Same w/Quran burning day. Not rep of reality

* #isnaDF Tayyibah Taylor: Buzz words in media about Muslim women stick so that people equate Muslim women with victimhood- mindless & silent

* #isnaDF Tayyibah Taylor: separation of prayers isn't a negative; thats for spiritual focus.That's not the issue- access+space are the issues

* #isnaDF Zaid [Shakir]: Muslims don't exist in a vacuum. Ask question of will America ALLOW Muslims to evolve to a land that transcends their origins?

* #isnaDF Imam Zaid: Muslim- American women in leadership positions across difforgs+institutions are many and increasing

* #isnaDF [On Saeed Khan] "The "Muslim world" is not reflective of Islam; the Muslim world is in disarray, a function of the remnants of colonialism"


* #isnaDF @lsarsour: I'm Palestinian I care about Palestine but I also care about education and healthcare and jobs in the u. …

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