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Just Another Night at the Pharmacy

Magazine article Drug Topics

Just Another Night at the Pharmacy

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Biff! Pow! Bam! Slam! Grunt! I looked at the technician. He looked at me. It sounded like a nimble at the comer in 1961. The Jets and the Sharks. Only it was not on the street, it was at the drugstore.

Nothing like teamwork

I told the technician, "Go out and stop them." He is a tall man, strong and intimidating. I could count on him. I was the pharmacist on duty and I believe there was a rule somewhere that read: The pharmacist on duty is responsible for the lawful practice of pharmacy and the peace and tranquility of the professional environment, and the dignified ambiance of which all pharmacists have learned to be proud.

"Stop them before they break something up." Three older women had made a hasty retreat and were safe behind a display of Mucinex. Proving that it is good for something.

"You kiddin' me? They're both liable to turn on me." The technician quickly moved back to the pharmacy counter, leaving me alone, close to the line of fire. He mumbled, "Go stop them. Sheesh."

A young woman stayed seated, with the look of I-see-the-devil in her eyes. Her husband was standing and seemed to be trying to keep himself between his wife and the idiots. She looked awful, pale and drained. She had just gone through a difficult delivery. She had a baby giri and needed Norco-10, Ibuprofen cephalexin, and Methergine.

Who's your Daddy?

These cage-fighter wannabes had not thrown one punch, but they were making a helluva lot of threatening noises. I was spotted by the fighter with a blond ponytail and a tattoo that said, Who 's your Daddy? Harley Davidson is my Daddy beneath an American flag and a coiled serpent. They both stopped staring each other down and looked at me. There was a sudden chilling silence. The technician was bent over, trying not to laugh.

"Hey," said the guy who had a head as shiny as Mister Clean's. "You got my pain medicine ready yet? I was here first."

"Not yet. There are just two of us working right now." I doubted that he cared that we were short-staffed. He was the type who would present the all-youdo-is-p ut -pills -in-a-bottle argument. I pointed at the new parents. "Tm doing her prescriptions first. She just had a baby and needs to get home."

"What about me, man? …

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