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In the Land of Business and Politics, You Have to Speak the Language

Magazine article Drug Topics

In the Land of Business and Politics, You Have to Speak the Language

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There are two languages not taught in pharmacy school: Business and Politics.

Pharmacology is spoken. Biochemistry, Pharmaceutics, Medicinal Chemistry, and Therapeutics are all spoken there.

We think that our proficiency in these languages will carry us through our careers and protect us from the alien invaders from Planet Economics and Planet Real World.

Unfortunately, after we graduate from pharmacy school, much that is communicated in its languages can become as archaic and useful as Latin or Mycenaean Greek.

Welcome to Planet Real World

Once we have moved to the Land of Business and Politics, we must learn its languages, after our best years for learning a foreign language are behind us.

Our native tongue is now often used in the abstract, or only with other Planet Pharmacy denizens. Now, as aliens in a foreign place, we must adapt, mutate, or become extinct.

I think we would not like to become extinct.

Mutation seems to be a rare event, as is the ability to automatically understand these two new languages, judging by the fact that it still hasn't noticeably happened in the last 30 years, give or take.

So what's left?

You guessed it. Adapt. Those from Planet Economics speak Business, and almost all other members of other organizations in Planet Real World speak Politics. Usually, they speak the advanced version of Politics, using the secret key that opens doors and gets things done expeditiously for their organizations, be they nurses, physicians, chiropractors, or the local garbage collectors' union.

Speak the lingo, get in the game

Those who speak Business control our professional destiny. They determine the allocation of resources and full-time employees. They look at revenue and costs.

Recently, those who hail from Planet Pharmacy have begun to address costs. Great! They have demonstrated that pharmacists can help control costs and enable healthcare organizations to become more effective and efficient. …

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