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Magazine article National Defense

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Budget Solution

I keep reading how reluctant the Congress is to cut funding for the military's depots, arsenals, and laboratories. The Congress keeps saying it is concerned about weakening our present or our future defense capability. I notice, though, that the unions of the civil service employees-who staff the depots, arsenals, and laboratories-are generous contributors to the campaign funds of the same politicians.

I have a solution to the problem: transfer the funding of the depots, arsenals, and labs from the Defense budget to that of the legislature. This will cut the Defense budget with little impact on our defense posture, and will put benefactor and benefactee in the same place in the overall federal budget. Let them justify each other.

Donald J. Laughlin Bellingham, Washington

Inverted Photo

The December 1997 issue of National Defense has a "flipped" photo-where an indifferent composer prints a reversed picture-on page 26.

Observe please: the commander wearing his ribbons on his right side, the shirt pockets on the right side, and the reversed display on the computer screen.

In ordnance work one must be careful of the little things.

Col. Merrill J. King, USA (Ret) West Rockport, Maine

CALS Praise

I was impressed by your CAI report entitled "Digital Data Links, Smart Manufacturing, Promise Big Money Saving Opportunities" in the October 1997 issue of National Defense.

Congratulations on a good piece of work.

John L. …

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