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Film - Bullying on the Big Screen: Resources

Magazine article Times Educational Supplement

Film - Bullying on the Big Screen: Resources

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Press play on films that provoke deep thinking and discussion.

When children watch films they are transported to another world - a world where the only limits are the boundaries of the film-maker's imagination. A good film invites you into this other world and entertains you. A great film leaves you with a lesson, and can be a powerful educational tool for subjects that require a sensitive touch.

Bullying can be a hugely difficult subject for young people to talk about. A bullied child is often too vulnerable to speak out, a bully might not know the emotional damage their actions are causing, and onlookers may be afraid to intervene in case they, too, become a victim.

Under the theme Making Bullying Unacceptable, education charity Filmclub has curated a thought-provoking series of films that highlight the importance of taking a stand when you see someone in trouble.

Dumbo, Back to the Future, Scrooge and Hating Alison Ashley are great films that contain lessons that will help children to understand the devastating effects of bullying. Most importantly, all feature characters who intervene when someone is being bullied and raise the question of how best to deal with a bully.

Think of Scrooge in Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. Bullying is in his nature and he is oblivious to how he is perceived by others. So often bullies act in this way because they are insecure and feel alone. But the ghosts confront Scrooge and in doing so help him to realise the impact of his actions and to change his ways. …

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