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Magazine article Psychology Today


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Faces Stick With Us

WHAT A BRILLIANT article by Jena Pincott ("What's In A Face?" December). Faces and the expressions they make are imprinted in people's brains and are remembered better than anything else. You can tell a lot about people by their faces and facial expressions; kudos to Pincott and PT for highlighting that.


Everett, WA

"WHAT'S IN A FACE" was an interesting article. But let's keep the numbers in perspective. While it maybe significant that we are 60 percent accurate in our face-based judgments- because it shows a clear differentiation from the 50 percent accuracy we would get in a coin toss- the 40 percent is still an extremely high error rate.



A Curious Name

SEVERAL YEARS AGO, I became acquainted with a student named DaKota ("The Quinn Quagmire and Other Naming Trends," December). Before I met her in person, I wondered whether she was a boy or a girl. Apparently, her parents capitalized the K to indicate the name as female. But where did this notion originate? Names are so mysterious. Thanks, as always, for another great issue covering so many topics.


Bellefonte, PA

Intervention or Intrusion?

I'M SHOCKED AT your interpretation of intervention as a "confrontational gang-up." Fm sure without professional guidance a few of these processes could emulate your description. But as aboard-registered interventionist, I was mystified at your misguided perception of what an intervention truly is. Confronting loved ones who suffer from addiction is a loving, respectful, and life-altering experience. When intervention is planned properly and executed from a place of respect, these events can serve as powerful opportunities for change.


Via email

KUDOS TO HARA Marano and PT for the informative article on "interventions," AA, and the topics of sobriety, drug addiction, and other human frailties. …

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