Magazine article Momentum

Advice to Writers, Speakers and the New Evangelization

Magazine article Momentum

Advice to Writers, Speakers and the New Evangelization

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It might be that the very best way to evangelize is to tell your own story about what your faith means to you

Ever dreamed of writing the great American novel? A collection of short stories? Maybe not, but you do have a need to write convincing letters to parents, or to keep an audience of students engaged in your message while you speak.

"How-to" books (and web pages) are filled with advice from successful authors and hints from motivational speakers to help you. Similar recommendations are made by both.

* Write about what you know. Have a preference for the familiar rather than the far-fetched.

* Tell stories. They help you and the listener retains the message. Talk to your audience as you would your dinner guests.

* Know the audience to whom you are writing or speaking

* Be patient, do research and keep at it.

You may be wondering what this kind of advice has to do with the New Evangelization- the theme of this issue of Momentum and explained more thoroughly in other articles. Pope Benedict XVI is carrying forth Pope John Paul It's call to the whole church to embark on a new evangelization- to carry the Good News of Jesus to every person and every nation. At first thought, one might envision this project a missionary effort designed to bring the Gospel message to people in far-off lands of differing customs and languages. Not at all! The concern is for people who have been baptized but who never had the inclination or opportunity to learn and practice the faith, for those who keep their faith at a surface level rather than at a level of commitment, for those who have lost faith or are alienated from our Catholic family. We know these people. They could be our neighbors, our friends or even family members. Their children may be in our schools and parish programs.

There are many ways, more formal ways, that the whole church will encourage this new evangelization through diocesan and parish programs, national campaigns and the work of the Synod, the world-wide gathering of bishops that took place this October in Rome. There is also a way to understand how we as individuals can contribute to this great work of the church.

Try following the advice given to writers: Write about what you know. …

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