Magazine article New Internationalist

At a Glance

Magazine article New Internationalist

At a Glance

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Leader: Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

Economy: GNI per capita $2,210 (Syria $2,410, UK $41,520).

Monetary unit: Dinar.

Main exports: Crude oil 84%, materials derived from crude, food, live animals. Oil completely dominates the Iraqi economy. Its proven oil reserves of 143 billion barrels are eclipsed only by those of Saudi Arabia and earnings from the sector account for 90% of government revenue. Oil export earnings have, since 2009, returned to pre-war levels but are not being distributed to the nation as a whole. The economy remains blighted by corruption and widespread unemployment.

People: 30.7 million. Annual population growth rate: 2.8%. People per square kilometre 70 (UK 253).

Health: Infant mortality 35 per 1,000 live births (Syria 14, UK 5). Lifetime risk of maternal death 1 in 300 (UK 1 in 4,700). Poor communities and displaced families in Iraq must resort to rivers, dirty taps and other unsafe sources to find drinking water. …

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