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'The $20 Tablet, and Four Interesting Questions for the Academic Market'

An article published in November details the increasing success of a UK/Canadian/Indian startup called Datawind, which has produced a tablet computer with a 7" screen that will be sold to university students and professors in India at a retail price of $20. The initial shipment will be 100,000 units, but according to the article, "if things go well the government plans to order as many as 5.86 million." American reviewers who have tried out the device have been enthusiastic.

Does this development represent an international ecosystem destabilizer, a flash in the pan, or something in between? It's impossible to know for certain yet, but some interesting questions do suggest themselves at this point. ...

-Posted by Rick Anderson from The Scholarly Kitchen at on Dec. 21, 2012.

'Bloomberg/Linkedln Deal: A Hit or the AOL/TimeWar ner of B2B?'

Normally I'd advise consumer tech journalists to take a seat rather than to go off analyzing B2B information services, but then +CNFJ comes up with a pretty good take on Bloomberg's prospective acquisition of Linkedln. While Bloomberg, LP grew to a multi-billion dollar B2B information empire based on financial and government information markets, Linkedln has managed to become a going concern with $12 billion in market capitalization, and CNET points out that based on a Merrill Lynch share purchase of Bloomberg in 2008 its market cap is around $22. …

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