Topics Include Ethics, Long-Term Care, Shortage and Environmental Health

Article excerpt


A new column and three new articles are on the way this fell in OJIN: The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing.

The issue of health care reform brings important ethical issues of justice to the forefront, as individuals, communities and the legislature struggle with how to provide quality health care for the many without sacrificing the basic rights of even the few. In an upcoming Ethics column, The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: Ethical Perspectives in 21st Century Health Care, Jeanne Merkle Sorteli, PhD, RN, FAAN, will review the current status of health care reform from an ethical perspective.

Facilitating Change Among Nursing Assistants in Long Term Care, by François Aubry, PhD; Francis Etheridge, MA and Yves Couturier, PhD, will discuss the implementation of change in long term care organizations (LTCOs). The authors will present their findings describing the process by which new nursing assistants are integrated informally into LTCOs in Quebec, Canada, and the manner in which informal work strategies to manage heavy workloads are transmitted to these new assistants. They will introduce a five-step innovation plan for change that promotes consideration of nursing assistants' strong sense of community to be a change engine rather than a change obstacle. This soon-to-be posted article will add to the May 2003 0/CVtopic, "Health Care and the Aging Population: What are Todays Challenges?"

The ever popular January 2001 OJIN topic, "The Nursing Shortage: Is This Cycle Different? …