Magazine article World Literature Today

Three Poems

Magazine article World Literature Today

Three Poems

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My Memories

I am growing old,

my memories

are making me grow old.

I want to live and they don't let me

you must smile without complaint.

My soul forcefully shouts,

my convulsed body

twists and complains.

I want to give more,

to scatter my petals

across the naked lakes

tracing their edge

with resting feet.

I am growing old,

thinking about all that has happened

Rivers Speak

The rushes cover my body,

my feet, my face,

so no one sees

that I silently listen to the water

of the rivers that speak to me.

The sound of the stones,

grazing the river,

are kisses of the afternoon and moon,

and kisses of the dawn.

One day someone told me

that rivers never speak,

that they only follow their course

and escape wordlessly.

How sad I spent that day

on hearing his words,

I went running toward the river

so that he would explain to me

why I hear him so clearly

and others don't hear anything.

Goodbye, Guinea, Goodbye

I went singing in solitude

a song of love and oblivion

the marks my feet

leftin the sand,

which the waves erased little by little.

The last time that I would live,

solitude, distance,

the last time that I would feel

the moisture of the sheets. …

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