Magazine article Library Administrator's Digest

Economic and Job Creation Benefits of Public Libraries

Magazine article Library Administrator's Digest

Economic and Job Creation Benefits of Public Libraries

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Public libraries which are members of the Wisconsin Valley Library Service (WVLS) have an economic impact on their communities and on the state. They are public access points to globally available multimedia information which can be accessed through this state's information infrastructure. Despite this opportunity for growth and recognition, Wisconsin Valley's public libraries are facing economic restraint and funding cutbacks at the state, county and municipal levels. Wisconsin Valley public libraries must be able to convince government funders and the private sectors of the job creation benefits they provide and of the economic role they have.

Collecting Economic-Oriented Patron Anecdotes ...

Public libraries should gather current, quick-hitting, anecdotal examples from library patrons that describe eonomic benefits the library has helped them with. Examples include ...

- job-seekers who found employment by using the library's resources

- students able to choose education paths and careers thanks to the library's resources

- business people able to secure addresses, articles, contact names, etc., to help them land a contract, sales or business

- career changers and people re-entering the workforce successfully helped by library resources

- users of electronic government information able successfully to conclude business with the government thanks to library-based electronic workstations

- municipal or other politicians or their staffs helped by the public library to gather research information

- business people and others successfully working with the Internet thanks to an introduction at the library

- people who have acquired literacy skills with the library's help and who went on to gain more fulfilling employment for themselves

- business people who used the library's meeting space to help in their business endeavors

- companies and their employees attracted to a location because of the quality local library amenities and services among other factors

- researchers who successfully concluded some research for economic benefit

- all library users who share materials purchased by the library as well as sharing the library's well-trained staff and services such as interlibrary loan

Libraries should gain permission to use patrons' names, business names, and the use of both for references. …

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