Magazine article Variety

"I Think Celebrities Speaking Up on Gun Violence Does Help."

Magazine article Variety

"I Think Celebrities Speaking Up on Gun Violence Does Help."

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Is there a connection between media violence and real-life violence?

After Columbine, there was great focus on the music of Marilyn Manson. I don't know the studies, but I would be skeptical if there is a high correlation between listening to Marilyn Manson and committing mass murder. There is an extremely high correlation between access to high-capacity magazines and assault weapons and committing atrocities.

I think it is a good thing to be comprehensive, and to look at our mental health issues and the media and anything else that could contribute to our rate of violence, and to do everything we can to reduce it, but the fact remains that there is one thing about America that sets it apart and makes our gun death rate out of whack with every other industrialized nation in the world: America alone doesn't have sensible gun laws.

At what point is the focus on the media so excessive that it obscures the focus on gun legislation?

The connection, going back to "Taxi Driver," was of specific importance to (the case of) John Hinckley, but James and Sarah Brady put their energies behind making our gun laws more sensible, but not blaming Martin Scorsese for the shooting of James Brady and President Reagan.

You have featured a number of entertainment figures in public service announcements, but some gun-rights advocates have criticized Hollywood activists for promoting gun control yet appearing in very violent fare. …

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