Magazine article Variety

"Media Is Not Dangerous in Any Form. Censorship of Expression, Thought and Ideas Is Dangerous"

Magazine article Variety

"Media Is Not Dangerous in Any Form. Censorship of Expression, Thought and Ideas Is Dangerous"

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Randy Pitchford is a videogame developer for Gearbox Software. The company, founded in 1999, found success with its debut title, "Half-Life: Opposing Force. " Since then, Gearbox has created and established the multimillion selling "Brothers in Arms" and "Borderlands" brands. In 2010, Gearbox became home to the "Duke Nukem" brand.

Is there a connection between media violence and real-life violence?

I think it depends upon how you define connection. The rule seems to be that more and freer media correlates to less and less violence. I am very fortunate. 1 am a videogame developer. I explore and create entertainment in our species' newest medium - an interactive medium. This medium uses technology that allows people to simulate and experience a wide spectrum of ideas. The success of the medium has led to the proliferation of content covering an incredible spectrum of concepts and themes that grows with more and more diversity and quality every day.

Is one form of media more dangerous than others?

The constraint, limitation or censorship of expression, thought and the transmission of ideas is the most dangerous. Media is not dangerous in any form. Media is information, and information leads to understanding.

Does depicting violence automatically glamorize it?

Of course not. Consider "Saving Private Ryan" and try to imagine an extremely censored version ofthat film. The more honest the depictions of violence in such a work, the more effective the media is toward helping us imagine and consider the true consequences of armed conflict.

Why is "liberal Hollywood" anti-gun, but a maker of violent content?

I did not realize that Hollywood is liberal and anti-gun. I did not realize that liberal and anti-gun were bound together. I also did not realize that "Hollywood" spoke in one unified voice. We see violent media because violence is a function of the human condition, and too often violence is a consequence of the pursuit of survival. All thinking creatures on this planet cannot exist without devouring energy from some other living entity, so violence in some form is unavoidable. Considering violence and its manifestations in media is extremely helpful and useful for us. Our species becomes better, stronger and less violent through the thoughtful examination of violence and its consequences. …

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