Magazine article Financial History

Trivia Quiz

Magazine article Financial History

Trivia Quiz

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1. The first transcontinental railroad in the United States, completed in 1869, was built primarily by which two companies?

2. Social Security is planning to phase out the mailing of paper checks in favor of electronic distribution. When did Social Security first pay out benefits?

3. Facebook's recent IPO was the third largest in US history. Name the top two.

4. What three companies were combined in 1901 to form US Steel Corp., the world's first billion dollar company?

5. What law, repealed in 1974, made it illegal for Americans to own gold?

6. The median net worth of the average American family dropped in the last five years to $77,300. What was that figure in 2007?

7. When paper notes issued during the American Revolution became worthless after the war, it gave rise to what expression?

8. …

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