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The Hiring Dilemma

Magazine article PM Network

The Hiring Dilemma

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The right combination of resourcing and management can heip PMOs overcome staffing shortages without compromising quality.

Guaranteeing a high-quality deliverable is impossible without the best team members on a project.

In my experience, the human resourcing options tor a project management office (PMO) often consist of a core number of full-time employees augmented by full-time contractors working in various delivery roles.

However, when the demand for project work peaks, this model performs poorly, as it becomes more difficult to recruit qualified full-time contractors from the open market.

As a result, a PMO needs a resourcing model that enables it to support critical services, yet is flexible enough to ramp up and down resources to meet peak and weak demand.

Some organizations address this problem by creating a pool of associate contractors - highly qualified workers whom the PMO notifies of job openings before the roles are advertised to the general public- to quickly fill resource gaps. But again, on short notice, the organization may struggle to recruit associate contractors because of their commitments elsewhere. What is a PMO director to do?


One possible solution is to employ vendors to expand and contract the provision of resources to meet variances in demand. Depending on the PMO's core function, the PMO may have to enter into agreements with multiple vendors to provide specialist resources to help meet the shortfall of team members on an organization's projects.

However, vendors usually have their own working cultures, which may conflict with the way the PMO operates. Therefore, the PMO director must integrate vendor resources with the PMO's work ethic and culture to protect the aggregate customer experience from degradation. Where appropriate, this can be accomplished through training and governance.

Additionally, the PMO should enforce a robust governance model to manage vendor contracts. …

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