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Four years ago, Working Mother polled our readers to find out how you felt about sex. A vast majority of you told us that, contrary to the tired, sexless stereotype of the bedraggled working mom, sex was important to you, you were having it and you wanted more. Then Fifty Shades of Grey happened. Multi-millions of women have lost themselves in the trilogy that revolves around not just sex but sexual submission, bondage and dominance.

Critics and pundits and psychologists have had their turn deciphering the trend. Some say it's a reaction to women's increased power in the workplace, a surrender for moms who must constantly be in control. Some say it's a throwback to more primitive desires to be loved and protected by someone stronger. Others suggest it's about women today feeling freer about sex, or at least sexual thinking. We wanted to learn what you think. Sexual fantasies, romantic cravings, emotional needs-in our new survey, you told all. Here are 50 shades of your deepest desires, and what's really going on in your bedrooms.


My most exciting sexual fantasy

being tied up and blindfolded is definitely a fantasy of mine. the idea of being spanked or disciplined as well feels very "naughty" and very exciting.

-Stacey, Sparks, NV

to "meet again" as perfect strangers at a bar, go home together and have raunchy sex all night.

-Jennifer, Leawood, KS

i work for an elevator company. at our facility we have an elevator that i always thought would be hot to have sex in.

-Erin, Denton, TX

i'd love to be tied up and blindfolded with no way to move as i'm being completely ravished. total and complete submission!

-Sally, NY

Sex on an open rooftop-standing up :)

-Martha, Port Chester, NY

Pulling offthe side of the road, no kids in the car, hiking where we cannot be seen easily and doing it on a blanket in the woods. then we play king and queen of the forest, running around and dancing nude.

-Carolyn, Monterey, CA

my man kissing me softly there until i explode, not expecting anything in return, and knowing full well that afterward we're just going to cuddle and watch a marathon of Real Housewives of New Jersey.

-Shannon, Lockport, NY

anonymous sex, in which we are able to have sex and not discuss our lives.

-Paula, San Diego, CA

my fantasy entails my husband tying me up and having his way with me to the point where i'm exhausted sexually.

-Bibi, Harrisburg, PA

threesomes with two men.

-Michele, CA

heck, lately it would be just to get to have sex.

-Stacey, OK

being whisked away to an exotic island to be wined and dined and make love at the ocean.

-Latanya, Burlington, NC

Somehow having sex in a public place without getting caught, but maybe coming close!


Playing doctor.

-Mary Beth, Livonia, MI

to do it for hours like we did years ago before we had kids- and break the bed again.

-Jessi, TX

my husband being slightly rough and controlling with what he wants.


wearing a dress, with no panties, on a date with my husband and then having sex in a movie theater.

-Trinetter, Aurora, CO

26% have sex with their partner more than once a week.

27% have sex with their partner once or twice a month.

41% say their sex life with their partner is usually routine, but that it's important to connect.

20% keep their sex life fun and interesting.

37% use vibrators and/or sex toys to enhance sexual enjoyment.

75% have no time for romance before sex and start in bed.

41% have sex spontaneously rather than making a date. …

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